Routes & Fares

CCT travels to the following destinations.  All fares listed are round trip fares for service within the same day. For example, if you are dropped off in Asheville one day and picked up on a different day, the full round trip fare will be charged for both days.

CCT only travels out of county for medical appointments with the exception of our scheduled shopping routes and service to the Asheville airport. You can call 828-389-0644 for more information.

Round Trip Medical Fares

Ridgerunner Route:

Asheville, NC  |  Monday - Friday

All appointments must be between 10am-2pm, this reduces the wait time for all passengers and enables the van to return by 5pm.


The fare for a medical trip to Asheville is $40; an airport trip is $50 per person, 1 way.

Appointment Times:

If you are booking a medical appointment locally, we ask that it falls between 8:00am - 3:00pm, this ensures that our drivers are back in the office before we close at 5:00pm.

All long distance appointments (such as Asheville and Atlanta) must be between 10:00am-2:00pm. This reduces wait time for all passengers and enables the van to return by 5:00pm.


Payment must be made to the driver.


CCT accepts cash, checks or money orders in the exact amount of the fare.

Drivers do not make change, so please have the exact amount ready.

Cancelling a Ride:

If you must cancel a scheduled ride with CCT, please notify the office as soon as possible at 828-389-0644. By notifying us early, you will allow us to provide transportation for someone else during that time slot.

If we arrive to pick you up and you have not cancelled, it is considered a No Show. Repeated no-shows may result in discontinued transportation.