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COVID Updates & Resources

Important Announcement

All Passengers are required to wear a face covering  while on a CCT vehicle or for entering the CCT facility.  This is a Federal mandate under code 42 of Federal Regulations 70.2, 71.31(b) and 71.32 (b).  Any person that refuses to comply with this regulation will be denied transportation. 


Exceptions will only be made for passengers that have medical documentation stating that they cannot wear a mask.  Medical documentation must be provided to the Transportation Director prior to booking a trip. 


Transportation Director: 

Marie Gunther


Free Transportation to Vaccine Sites

Clay County Transportation received funding from NCDHHS to provide free transportation for COVID vaccinations.


If you would like to take advantage of this program let us know when you book your trip that you are going for a COVID vaccination. All of our trips are scheduled ahead of time- so call 2 business days ahead to schedule your trip. Please note that COVID vaccinations are by appointment only and there are currently waiting lists. You must have an appointment with the Health Department or any other provider for the vaccination itself. Scheduling a ride with CCT will not get you moved up on the waiting list. This funding is only to pay for the transportation cost to get there.

Preventative Measures

Clay County Transportation has operated throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic to meet the mobility needs of Clay County residents.  We have worked closely with the Clay County Leadership Team and Health Department to establish protocols to ensure the safety of our employees and passengers.  Some of the safety protocols we have in place are:

  • All drivers and passengers must wear facial coverings.

  • We ensure passengers are socially distanced on vehicles.

  • We received grant funding from the Nantahala Health Foundation to install plexi-glass barriers on all vehicles to distance the driver from the passengers.

  • We screen employee temperatures daily.

  • We have adopted strict cleaning protocols - vehicles are sprayed and wiped down after each passenger and we use an electro-static spray gun at the end of the day to disinfect each vehicle.

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